2020 Update

Our community garden was recently awarded a grant from the City of Lansing for 2,668.33 in order to help revive the garden space. Our current plans include a small orchard area, perennial and native pollinator habitats, a boardwalk with seating area, and raised, handicap accessible beds with fresh soil not contaminated with PFAS/PFOS. We are always also open to new ideas and input!

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Garden Budget and Balance Sheet

The Old Oakland Neighborhood Association is looking to make some major changes to the garden for the next year.  View our grant proposal below.  Want to get involved? Please e-mail Erik at erik.maillard@gmail.com.


2019 Update

Recently it was shared with the Community Garden that soil testing revealed a 1.6 ppb PFAS soil contamination.  While we do not fully understand the potential impact of this contamination, we have decided to suspend the growing of vegetables for human consumption.

With this additional information, we are in the process of converting this traditional community garden into a pollinator garden enhanced with native annual and perennial plants. We are currently working with local non-profits to develop a plan to move forward.

This summer (2019) the plot has been seeded with rye, oats and clover. Additionally, Milkweed has also been donated and planted in the garden.  We hope this will be the first step to restoring this site to production for wildlife and visually appealing for all neighbors.  We ask for your patience while we work to restore this garden.

2018-2019 Garden Plan

Garden History

We want to express our gratitude to all the neighbors in the Old Oakland Neighborhood who worked to establish this garden 5 years ago and to the Garden Project who has been so helpful with resources over that time.

After much consideration and discussion with current garden members we have decided to remove all of the raised beds and structures to attempt to deal with the Canadian Thistle which has been so invasive these last few years.

We will be taking a year off (Summer 2018) from gardening this summer and focusing our energies on learning what other community gardens are working with and re-designing the garden to suit the smaller number of participants.

This could mean turning part into an orchard, or a fenced area for dogs. We want to reduce the size of the garden to better suit our needs, but how that might look in the future depends on what our neighbors want. Sign up below to stay up to date on planning meetings and garden tours to try to get ideas and inspiration for the re-design of the garden starting in 2019. For more information, please Contact Us!