The Old Oakland Neighborhood Association board typically hosts and organizes several events per year, mostly during the warmer months. Examples of events we have run in the past:

Meet the Candidates” Ice Cream Social / Pizza Night

Garage Sale (Generously organized and hosted by the Westside Neighborhood Association)

Bat Walks hosted by our resident bat expert, neighbor Peter Fowler

Movie Nights

Kickball (sometimes kids v. adults, sometimes Old Oakland v. Westside!)

Spring Clean-Ups

Old Oakland Community Garden volunteer days

Family Friendly Fall Festival, including Halloween crafts and games for kids plus involvement in our Old Oakland Community Garden

2022 Neighborhood Centennial Celebration

Current events

When we have a new events calendar drafted for the upcoming season, we will link it here.

[We hope to have the Summer 2024 calendar created by May 2024, if not earlier].

Highlights of past events:

Our 2023 Meet the Candidates event was supported by a $2310.00 Neighborhood Project Grant from the city of Lansing. This grant project had twofold goals: (a) to support our annual Meet the Candidates event in a more robust fashion than ever before, as it has developed into our largest and most impactful neighborhood event and (b) provide our neighborhood association with some important organizational infrastructure (e.g., supplies like a banner and neighborhood signage) to support not only this important event but also all of our events for the next few years.

The Old Oakland Neighborhood Association hosted  its annual “Meet the Candidates” social event on July 19, 2023. We had run this event successfully for several years as a humble ice cream social at which community members and leaders (or hopefuls) could come together to discuss the issues facing Lansing residents. In recent years, it became our most impactful event, drawing our largest audience of any of our events. In 2023, we envisioned expanding the event to be our most heavily orchestrated social event for our neighborhood and its surrounding community (we encourage and actively seek out participation from adjacent neighborhoods without their own associations). We offered the same important opportunity to meet with candidates and ask important questions, and we also expanded to a secondary aim this time around: to draw neighbors to our neighborhood association and amplify some of our resources and initiatives at a central get-to-know-your-neighbors type of event.


Join in on the fun!

Interested in volunteering for events?  We are always looking neighbors to help enhance our events. Contact Us!